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December 2018

November 27, 2018 Piffle Editor 0

Quayside Voices featuring talent from Troy Martell, JPham, Maggie Ma, Alyssa Inouye, and Stephanie Lam, is just one experience to explore in New Westminster this holiday season. Read the full feature on page 14.

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November 2018

October 27, 2018 Piffle Editor 0

During WWII, three sisters left their home in occupied Holland as there was no food in their village. If they stayed, they would starve. So they began to walk 200 dangerous km to their uncle’s place. Fenny Stolp tells her story of living through the War to Lori Pappajohn on page 8.

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October 2018

September 27, 2018 Piffle Editor 0

The City has been working on the project for the last two years and now the BC Penitentiary Cemetery is now restored. See story on page 8.

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September 2018

August 26, 2018 Piffle Editor 0

Intrepid Reporter George Garrett stands outside the CKNW New Cruiser reporting on an event live at the scene. The year was 1959 and George was 25 years old. Since that time Garrett has filed thousands of stories making him a household name. He will be the guest speaker at this year’s Seniors Festival to be held at Century House on October 13. See story on page 8.